Pronouns: they/them

Allegra Verlezza is a non-binary voice actor. As a genderfluid person, Allegra feels comfortable playing roles across the gender spectrum, including those for non-binary folks and women. Allegra is proudly queer and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Allegra Verlezza | Non-Binary Voice Actor

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Allegra Verlezza is a full-time, professional voiceover artist and actor.

Allegra has experience across voiceover genres and they will give an authentic voice to your commercial, animated character, video game, explainer video, e-learning project, political ad, medical or corporate narration, promo, PSA, documentary, live event, and more.

Sound: Allegra’s sound spans chill and real, relatable and conversational, wry and witty, warm and trustworthy, rebellious and edgy, knowledgeable and authoritative, and playful and sassy.

Range: Allegra’s voice is on the Millennial / Gen Z cusp and can sound anywhere from early 20s to late 30s. And for characters, their vocal age knows no bounds!

Characters: Allegra’s characters include Young Heroine/Hero, Tough Warrior, Plucky Adventurer, Anxious Sidekick, Nerdy Inventor Kid, Too Cool Teen, Stoic Immortal Elf, Gen Z Influencer, Midwestern Party Mom, Seductive Villain, Smoky Granny, Italian Baby, Existential Inanimate Object, Sickening Creature, Disoriented Alien, and more!

Studio: Allegra has an NYC-based, dedicated home studio equipped for broadcast-quality sound with a Rode NT1 mic, Synco D2 shotgun mic, Solid State Logic SSL 2 audio interface, Source Connect Standard, Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones, Reaper, and the latest MacBook Air.

Turnaround: Allegra can offer SAME-DAY turnaround if needed and for rush jobs, they’re available after business hours. Their timezone is Eastern Standard Time.

Recent Clients

“Allegra is an excellent communicator and top voice-over talent. Collaboration was a pleasure and they were professional through each step of the process.”

Nolan Scott, Senior Video Producer, The Trevor Project

“Thanks for your help on this project! You were super efficient, responsive to messages and the perfect friendly, natural tone we were after. Look forward to working with you again soon.”

Amy Prideaux, SafetyCulture

“Allegra’s talent, professionalism and quick-turnaround are all exceptional. It was a pleasure working with Allegra and whenever we need a top-quality voice actor, we will be back without hesitation.”

Bill Richmond, Behan Communications


Recent Plays
Allegra is a professional theatre artist and performer.

With over 15 years of onstage experience, Allegra will fully embody your characters and breathe emotional life into your stories.

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